Sunday, July 4, 2010

Beautiful Granddaughter Butterflies

This is my Butterfly Gianna


These are my butterflies Paris....


  1. Hello there Veronica, I dropped in to visit from our Flying Lessons group. First of all, congratulations, on setting up and starting your blog. Even more encouragement for putting up your very first post.

    I am still in the nest, but I am practicing a little bravery as I begin to flutter about and test the winds; I have reserved a domain name (SoulScribbles), created a facebook fan page and a twitter page (although, quite frankly, I don't know if I really need these last two just yet). I suppose I am trying to put into practice what I learned in this wonderful course. Hopefully, by the end of summer, I too will have my blog set up where I will share my writing, my art, my musings, my 'soul scribbles' with whomever wishes to drop by my 'kitchen table' for a while. Hmmm, being from Italian heritage, friends around the table would also mean I might just be sharing my soul scribbles about food and family recipes too. ;-)

    I enjoyed looking at your lovely butterflies. What a great idea to showcase your granddaughters. I especially adore the pose of the last girl with her Monarch butterfly wings; it's cute, it's whimsical, it's made with love.

    I look forward to dropping in every now and then and to seeing some more of your work.

    By the way, you look too young to have been married 43 years; must be those coo coo beanies and your Italian genes!

  2. Hi Fellow Flyer!!!!
    It's my 3:00am but had to whizz by to hit on the "follow' button before heading off to bed!!
    Your art is way cool!!! LOVE the butterflies!!
    I will be back to browse more at the crack of dawn!!

    Fly High! xx
    Following you now! Ehehe....