Thursday, July 15, 2010

HOPE......She's Home

I have a new painting to show....not titled yet, but here she is. Hope you like her...


  1. Hey Ronnie!This is sooo cute!!!Hope is a good name?
    I like her, what inspired you ?

    Thanks for dropping by my blog to answer my question! So you are Italian and so am I... LOL!!
    You wondered if would get the reply unless it was on my blog? Sometimes if i forget to tick the'' email follow-up comments to my email'' I don't get the reply unless I get back to your blog....So here I am!
    Thanks for dropping by!
    Ciao Bella! :o)

  2. Thanks Adee....Do people call you Adee for short? Or Adrianna? I like Hope....I think of a woman coming home after a long day and peaking in the door. Maybe ( Home!!) Her name plus the true meaning of HOPE.....I like that!!! Thanks!! She is named!! and Ciao Bella...Ronnie