Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Story Of Coo Coo Beanies

When I was a little girl, 5or6, there was an old Italian man who lived down the road from my NaNa. The neighborhood was mostly Italian at the time, including us. Everyone called him "Cousin Tony." Till this day I really don't know if he was our cousin or not. He was kind of a scary guy. Remember, I was only 5 or so. First off I want to say he was in his later 80's when I met him. He was hunched over and had hardly any teeth left. The ones he did have were large and kind of brown with spaces between. He had big scary eyes, and his hands were all crooked probably from arthritis. He walked with a cane. His hair was kind of longer and shabby and would hang out of the hat he wore. I always remember him wearing wool dress pants and a white dingy shirt with suspenders. Now, mind you, I was a rambunctious kid. Whenever I was acting up, he would shake his finger or point his cane and tell me the "Coo Coo Beanies" were going to get me if I didn't behave. I would straightened right up. I didn't want any COO COO BEANIES getting me. My dear dad picked up on my fear and used the phrase for many years later. I never did figure out what Coo Coo Beanies were until now.......fifty some odd years later. "They are what ever my imagination lets them be." I will paint them and bring them to life. Watch out....the...."Coo Coo Beanies are going to get you!"

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